13 People Reportedly Injured In Central Illinois Shooting.

13 People Reportedly Injured In Central Illinois Shooting

Thirteen people were shot and injured in central Illinois shooting at a gathering on the Peoria, Ill., waterfront on early Sunday morning, police say.

About 200 people had gathered along Northeast Water Street when shots rang out shortly before 4:42 a.m.,

Lt. Jared Ginglen, shift commander for the Peoria Police Department.

Two people were shot in the neck and seriously injured, and various others were shot in the arms and legs. All of the injured people are expected to survive, Ginglen said.

Police believe that there were several shooters, given the number of shell casings found by investigators.

The area is a typical gathering place in the community, and the crowd is not believed to have gathered for a particular event, Ginglen said. The street runs along the Illinois River.

No suspects have been arrested yet, although police are investigating at least one person of interest.

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