“Agbala, Go And Kill Them” – Native Doctor Sends Gods To Kill Men Who Flogged Lady In Libya {Video}

"Agbala, Go And Kill Them" - Native Doctor Sends Gods To Kill Men Who Flogged Lady In Libya {Video}

This trending news story has no concrete report. Some Nigerians are saying it happened in Enugu, while some are saying it happened in a Libya, last week.

According to the information we have at hand, her father ganged up with 3 other men who flogged his daughter for sharing naked and sucking of dildo content in a video.

The video went viral and it got to her father.Another narrative has it the man wasn’t actually her father but a man who’s involved in sex business – that’s sending ladies to sleep with men for money.

The new narrative has it that the lady visited her boyfriend and after everything, he didn’t give her any money.She reported back to her boss and out of anger, she stripped her naked and flogged her mercilessly with a hose.

Now, a native doctor in an Eastern part of Nigeria, has gone to his shrine to send “Agbala” to kill the men who stripped the lady naked and humiliated her.

In the trending, a native doctor is seen and heard while consulting his “Chi – (gods)” to arise and kill the four (4) men who flogged the Nigerian lady.

The herbalist says that even if she was a prostitute, she still doesn’t deserve the treat.

Watch the Videos below:


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