Check Out Twerking Battle Between Mizz Twerksum & Ari Fletcher That Has Got Internet Buzzing {video}.

Check Out Twerking Battle Between Mizz Twerksum & Ari Fletcher That Has Got Internet Buzzing.

The Twerk Team burst onto the scene on the back of a video of theirs going viral and catapulting that fame into video appearances with the likes of Wale and more.

On Twitter, a fan suggested a twerk battle between Twerk Team co-founder Mizz Twerksum and Ari Fletcher, and the responses have been hilarious thus far.

Twitter user @lovebbean floated the idea of a twerk-off between the two lovely ladies and it’s been pandemonium since that tweet was issued. We should also give @lovebbean props for suggesting a twerk-off with Megan Thee Stallion as a contestant.

For some people over a certain age, the Twerk Team, comprised of Mizz Twerksum and Lady Lucious, brought twerking to the forefront, culminating into cheekless stars like Miley Cyrus taking up the southern dance craze with mixed results. For OG Twerk Team fans, a long list of YouTube videos exists, although some should rightly point to the fact the women began their journey into fame while still in high school and continuing into adulthood.

These days, Mizz Twerksum seems to move as a single entity at 27 years of age, while Lady Lucious, now going by Elle, has her own wave going. Ari Fletcher, who isn’t immediately known for throwing the cheeks in a circle as the aforementioned Twerk Team members according to Twitter is no match for Mizz Twerksum.

Much of the replies on the social media network mention the sheer number of years Mizz Twerksum has been at her craft in comparison to Ari.

Check out the replies and some choice video below……….

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