FBI Found File Describing ‘Nuclear Weapons Of A Foreign Country’ In Trump’s Home – New Report Claims

A document detailing a foreign government’s military defences – including its nuclear capabilities – was recovered by the FBI during a search of Donald Trump’s Florida home, according to new reports.

The Washington Post, citing people familiar with the August FBI raid of Trump’s Florida home, did not identify the foreign government discussed in the document, nor indicate whether it was friendly or hostile to the United States.

Roughly 11,000 documents and 1,800 other items were seized from the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Court records show that about 100 contained classification markings.

FBI Found File Describing 'Nuclear

Some documents describe top-secret US operations so closely guarded that even many of Joe Biden’s most senior national security officials can’t review them, according to the report.

Records of these special-access programmes are typically kept under lock and key and assigned a designated control officer to keep careful watch on their location, the Washington Post reports.

The US Justice Department is investigating Trump for removing government records from the White House after he departed in January 2021 and storing them at Mar-a-Lago.

On Monday,  September 5, a federal judge agreed to Trump’s request to appoint a special master to review records seized in the FBI search.


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