My First And Only Heartbreak Was At 18, Now I Break Hearts – DJ Cuppy

My First And Only Heartbreak Was At 18, Now I Break Hearts – DJ Cuppy

Prominent disc jockey and entertainer, DJ Cuppy, has addressed the negativity that tailed her activism during the anti-police brutality End SARS protests that rocked the nation last year’s October.

DJ Cuppy aired her opinion in an interview with UK-based show, Presenting, which was published on Thursday.

In the interview, she also recounts her experience of racism in the United Kingdom and touches on the influence of Fela on her music.

Speaking on her role during End SARS, the 28-year-old turntablist said,

“I have a responsibility as a Nigerian to do what I can to raise awareness, and also do what I can to make sure that people know what is going on.”

DJ Cuppy said that she’s been accused of not grasping the reality which birthed the End SARS movement due to her privilege. She, however, denounced the claim, asserting that it’s a reality which “affects everybody.”

“A lot of people have spoken to me about it, and they have actually accused me of not understanding it because of my influence and my positioning. I’ve never been stopped by SARS before but my team has, my friends have, and it’s really important that people understand that just because I haven’t had it happen directly to me, doesn’t mean that I can’t understand. So for me, I think it’s a problem that affects everybody.”

The newly published interview was originally recorded last November, some days after the viral End SARS protests.

“My first and only heartbreak was at 18, Now I Break The Hearts These Days” – DJ Cuppy also shared her heartbreak experience at 100 Level at the University.


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