My Phone Call With Late President Yar’Adua – TB Joshua {Video}

My Phone Call With Late President Yar’Adua – TB Joshua {Video}

Founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, Prophet T.B Joshua has revealed what transpired between him and late President Umaru Yar’Adua some years ago when the former president called him.

Joshua, in a post on his verified Facebook wall said Yar’Adua called him to say he would honour him with the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR).

“If not the condemnation and persecution, do you think I would be at the level I am today? I know the value of my trials. The value is so great; they have made the whole world to know me. It’s a free advert. You can see there is no signpost or signboard of The SCOAN since the beginning of this church. You are my advert; you are my signpost. The question people used to ask me – why is there no advert or signboard? You cannot find it anywhere. Why? Because God has blessed me with free adverts.

It takes the spirit of foolishness to hear something without going there to confirm. Everyone that God destined to be a leader, when they hear something – it may take time – but they will find a way to confirm what they hear. In the process of confirmation, they find out the truth. This ministry has been here for the past twenty years. If there is anyone out there who says he’s a man of wisdom and understanding and still not confirmed – it means something is wrong. Your confirmation brought you here. You are not just here; it’s what you heard in the past. In the process of confirming your information, you found yourself here. So, the free advert is so gracious. It’s a big blessing to me.

It was this free advert that brought about Emmanuel TV. I was on the Nigerian national television and local television. When the miracles were showing, because of me, your former President said they should remove the miracles. They stopped miracle programmes on your national and local television. The body that guides the television stations in Nigeria enacted a law that no miracle pastor should be shown. It was because of me, not because of anybody else. That brought about Emmanuel TV!

Let me tell you about the phone call I had with late President Yar’Adua. He is a great man. I received a phone call – ‘I will give you an honour, OFR’. This is a man who did not share the same faith with me – he is a Muslim man. People are unaware of this because I don’t put it on my name. When you see TB Joshua, you will not see OFR. I said I am honouring my nation – so I sent my wife to receive the award.

Sometimes when you are saying, ‘Northerner, Southerner, Easterner’ – the issue is not that. LOVE. Nigeria is one. This is a man from the Northern Part of Nigeria; he is a real Muslim man. We have never met; he never invited me for prayer. But he got to know and monitor all that is happening at The SCOAN. I could remember he said to me – after looking at the analysis of pilgrimage to this country from each port of entry in Nigeria – he realised I am the biggest source that attracts foreigners. This is the first time you are hearing this from me. Your oil could not attract such visitors – but anointing attracts visitors.

You talk of North, you talk of South, you talk of Christians, you talk of religious people, you talk of Muslims – LOVE is the greatest. Where is love? The Bible says love your neighbour as yourself. Your neighbour could be your enemy, could be a pagan, a religious man or a Muslim – the Bible says love them all! Love is the greatest. It means love is greater than everything you practice. The name of Jesus is LOVE.

Is it Muslims condemning me? Are they the ones speaking against me? Are they the ones saying you should not come here? Where there is love, you will come to me and I will go to you. You want to know what I am doing and I want to know what you are doing. Love permits us to do findings. That is the characteristic of love. Find out the truth and the truth will set you free!”

– Prophet TB Joshua (7th April 2013

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